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Archive for December 2019

Q4 Update | Floreat

December 24 2019 By Ryan Smith

Property. At long last, we are able to finish the year on some great news for the Perth property Market. CoreLogic reported actual growth (not talk of “green shoots”) in Perth for the month of November. “In a significant turn of events for the Perth market, values edged 0.4% higher in November, for the first…

Supporting those who are less fortunate this Christmas

December 09 2019 By Ryan Smith

With less than 3 weeks until the big day, we’re ramping up our SOS Toy Drive to support those in need this Christmas. Starting Over Support (SOS) is a community initiative dedicated to supporting families and individuals escaping crisis situations in Perth. This holiday season, we are supporting their drive for new toys to be…

First Home Buyers – what do you need to know?

December 04 2019 By Ryan Smith

Top tips with Nick: Ep1 We’re going to have a quick chat about first home buyers today, there’s a lot to talk about & so much to for them to know. Nick, where should they start? There is so much to consider. Many first home buyers are completely starry-eyed when searching for a property. They…

November’s Success Story

December 02 2019 By Ryan Smith

43 Pearson Street, Floreat A lovely three bedroom, two bathroom home in Floreat. The property was on the market with another agent for 122 days. With no positive result, the sellers were unhappy with how things were going. They had few home opens, very little interest and no offers. They saw how proactive I had…