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"Family is everything to me. Let me help you find the perfect home for yours"

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is Realmark Urban’s Residential Real Estate Agent for Floreat and one of the best and brightest in the Perth industry.

Not your ordinary real estate agent, Ryan is also a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. It’s this experience and expertise, along with his progressive approach to selling property, that has enabled Ryan to quickly establish himself as one of Perth's leading real estate agents.

Perth hasn’t always been home for Ryan, he grew up in Margaret River with his mother, father and sister, where he played football and golf and was so talented at both, he played at State level. His success on the football pitch even led to Ryan appearing on the first season of Fox 8's hit TV Series, "The Recruit".

From an early age, it was clear that Ryan was a leader. The sheer drive, energy and determination required to play a sport at State level was soon channeled into his entrepreneurial journey when he launched Stadium Fitness in 2013.  This thriving gym is now operating in two Perth locations.

Motivated by his first venture into business, Ryan didn't stop there. In 2016 he founded Hybrid Revenues, one of Perth's fastest growing digital growth companies which boasts an impressive portfolio of Perth's most renowned hospitality venues. He quickly built a successful network in the hospitality industry which led him to launch a new franchise location for one of the world’s largest Chinese food chains, Little Sheep Hot Pot in Cambodia.

Ownership and successful operation of these businesses is testament to Ryan's strong negotiation and strategist skills.

Passionate about marketing, sales, family, helping others and operating at an uber fast pace, the move to real estate was a natural fit.

Ryan embodies integrity, positivity, energy, hard work and innovative thinking. He inherently understands that the customer is the single most valuable asset an organisation can have, and thrives on being able to help people on a daily basis with easing their transition from one part of their life to the next.

A family man with traditional values of honesty and respect, coupled with strategic traditional and digital marketing know-how gives Ryan an enviable edge. With his professional and personable working style, you will feel at ease from the moment you meet him and confident in his ability to represent your best interest through the ever so important and personal process of selling your home.

Why choose Ryan Smith?

When it comes to selling property – you want someone who can help you do just that… ‘sell your property’ and these days, digital marketing is vital for selling anything, even property.

 This is why it makes sense to choose a real estate agent with digital marketing expertise.

That little bit ‘extra’ for the sale of your home

Just some of the things that make Ryan’s stand out from the average real estate agent:

  • Brilliant photography
  • Great copywriting
  • Killer marketing strategies
  • Stand out social media marketing campaigns

In this day of rapidly changing digital technology, you may be scared of change or that little bit ‘extra’, but Ryan isn’t.

Choose a real estate agent with a difference. Choose a savvy marketing professional like Ryan, who has entered the industry with a refreshing and skillful approach to negotiations and sales strategies, who takes the time to really listen to what his clients want and most importantly, gets homes sold, fast!

My Team

Ryan Smith and Catrina Lane

Catrina Lane - Executive Assistant

Catrina is a welcomed addition to the Realmark Urban team and offers a different experience to most others in the industry. She spent the last few years running a real estate office in the busy London property market and gained a wealth of knowledge dealing with vast array of clientele, high volumes of stock and having to work at a very fast pace. Although loving the industry, the constant hustle and bustle of the city combined with the terrible weather just didn’t match her sunny personality. In June 2018 she decided to pack her bags and see the world solo. After visiting 30 different countries, Catrina found her happy place in Perth. A lover of sunshine, beaches and great wine; this seemed the perfect fit.

Not many have the tenacity to leave everything that’s familiar to explore the unknown, and this is a sheer reflection of Catrina’s personality. She is a very driven yet grounded individual which makes her the ideal assistance to Ryan. They both share the compassion in dealing with people’s biggest asset and subsequent emotional ties. Setting themselves apart from other agents by being honest and realistic 100% of the time. They always deliver what they promise and make for a wonderful real estate team.


Ross Scali - Settlement Agent

With over 15 years of experience in the settlement industry, Ross is our go to settlement agent. He and Ryan have worked together on many transactions & Ross provides complimentary advice to any of Ryan's clients.

Ross works for Ascot Settlements which has been a family owned & operated business since 1982 offering professional & personal service. Ascot Settlements is a dedicated team that is both knowledgeable and highly experienced. We make sure that every settlement is dealt with in the most effective way, never faltering on details and operating with the highest level of integrity.


Ross Hunter - Auctioneer

Ross is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected auctioneers, having called over 4,500 property auctions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

2016 was a stellar year of auction success for Ross, maintaining an auction clearance rate of above 80% with a property market value in excess of $200 million dollars.

His unique style of reading the play and positioning bidders to perform at their best, is a clear point of difference that helps sellers achieve their desired sales price, as well as enabling selling agents and buyers to enjoy a successful sales process.


Sara James - Interior Designer

They say that great businesses are born when high-energy people find their niche and Sara James is no exception.

Born into the real estate industry through her father’s successful real estate company, working in the field has always been somewhat written in the cards for Sara.

After a successful and rewarding career in lending and residential property finance, Sara knows exactly what it takes to make a property sale tick. Her extensive insight into a real estate transaction means Sara can recognize just how to influence the value of a property. It did not take her long to identify an opportunity to take real estate marketing in Perth to the next level.

In 2014, Sara jumped at the chance to harness this knowledge and utilize her advantageous professional network to make her mark on the Perth property market. It was then that Sara introduced Perth Style Co.

Her strong personal relationships with agents, industry partners, suppliers, developers, and the media means Sara has access to the latest in property marketing trends and technologies.

A company that prides itself on their innovative marketing and specialised product offering, Perth Style Co. has Sara’s expert knowledge and professional touch to thank for their success.  Since inception, Sara has taken the reigns on developing and evolving Perth Style Co.’s product offering, ensuring that attention to detail and professionalism is reflected in the quality and execution of each project.

In 2016, Sara took this to a global scale, travelling internationally with her design concepts to source and create Perth Style Co.’s original furniture collection. A unique product offering that would bring an exclusive range to Perth’s furniture market, helping Perth Style Co. to stay at the forefront of international design and our industry in Perth.