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Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date

Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date

04 March 2020 Ryan Smith Floreat

A huge success, thank you for everyone who joined us to raise money for SAFE metro which is an entirely volunteer run organisation. SAFE (saving animals from euthanasia) has rescued and rehomed over 26,000 animals since 2003.

The morning was filled with wonderful members of the community to enjoy time together and watch their dogs play whilst enjoying a cup of coffee.

Together we raised $875 along with TWO adoptions: Buddy and Poppy 13 week old terrier siblings.

Sheri, Safe Metro Dog Coordinator had rescued these gorgeous dogs just 2 weeks ago –

“Myself and 2 of our amazing volunteers collected these guys at 10.30pm this evening (Feb 20) and what we were met with was incredibly confronting.. It is now 2am and I’m finally in bed! We have spent our entire night removing multiple ticks, treating wounds and giving them no doubt their first ever bath.. all 12 weeks old! How any human could allow such precious bubba’s to get in such a state blows my mind!.”

SAFE Metro do not believe in keeping dogs in cages, but rescue and foster dogs to ensure they are cared for. This encourages animals to relax and be socialised in a loving home, which in turn greatly increases their chances of adoption.

If you think you could foster a rescue, please follow this link:

If you think you could adopt, please follow this link:

Further donations can be made here:

If you have any questions, contact SAFE Metro directly on 0431 118 162 or email

If you’d like to join us for the next one, this will be on Sunday 7 June.

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