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Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date!

Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date!

28 November 2019 Ryan Smith Uncategorized

The aim of throwing this event was to bring the community together, and I believe that’s exactly what we did. Giving people the opportunity to come together for a few hours to greet one another and for their dogs to do so too. Considering we were a lead-off event, they all got on remarkably well. Maybe too well – my Shih Tzu Thor proceeded to sleep for the rest of the day!

We welcomed local businesses such as dog walkers and the vets to join in on the fun, to offer their services and help us raise money for the RSPCA. They were incredibly grateful to have us on board and visiting them prior to the doggy date to pick up some signage, it’s clear to see what incredible work they do. If you do find yourself in a position to adopt, I would recommend stopping by – there are some gorgeous pets in need of loving homes.

Having lived in Floreat for the last few years with my wife Holly, we’ve really fallen in love with the community. There’s never a time when we take our dog-son out for a walk at Grantham-Selby park and aren’t greeted by someone. In fact, I’m sure we could tell you a story about most of our neighbours, as well as the names of their dogs. Come to think of it, that’s is probably the reason I choose to start my career in real estate here.

It would be great to see this local community grow, and what better way to make new friends than through your pups – I mean, you already have something in common right? It all starts with a “hello” or offering someone your help or guidance if they look lost. By going into your local coffee shop or grocers instead of the big chains and by generally supporting one another wherever possible.

It was lovely to meet those who were able to pop down and I’d love to know what you thought of Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date or any ideas that you may have for events like this in the future. We’re always looking to support local businesses too, so if you’d like to get involved in the next doggy date, just pop your details below.

Feedback we’ve received so far:

“Thank you for organising. Miss Audrey (Chipoo) is now dead to the world after having so much fun.” – Bianca

Thank you Ryan for your time and effort in organising … our two dachshund pups had fun” – Heydi

“thank you for organising the event ..Olive the mini dashund enjoyed the day” – Anita

“Thank you for the effort you put in, Ryan, to bring doggies and their parents together was a fun day..I hope we raised a bit of money for RSPCA” – Roda

Thank you for a wonderful day, Duchess, Princess and Duke had a ball.” – Mary

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