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How does property marketing work? | Leederville.

How does property marketing work? | Leederville.

28 January 2020 Ryan Smith Finance

22 Prospect Place, West Perth – Timeline

Wednesday | Photography & Copy Write

Thursday | Launch & Enquiries

Friday | Enquiries & Private Viewing

Saturday | Home Open & Second Viewing

Sunday | Offers & Negotiation

Monday | Under Offer

If we review the engagement over that last 4 days, we can see where these leads came from. Naturally, the more eyes that reach the property within the first few days equals more interest and more competition amongst buyers. In the majority of cases, the best price will be achieved within the first week whilst the property is new and exciting. The longer the property is left on the market, the further the price is driven downwards.

The engagement was as follows: | 1,180

Domain | 1,656

Facebook | 15,088

Instagram | 1,166

The sellers of this property were a lovely young family looking to upsize. They had come through another home open of mine in Woodlands when they fell love. After seeing the property a few times, they decided this was where they wanted to buy. I was then able to secure the property for them with a subject to sale contract.

As they had been impressed with how they were dealt with as buyers, they chose to also list their own home for sale with me. We chose an effective marketing plan, resulting in 20,000 views on the property, numerous enquiries, 12 groups through and received multiple offers. After negotiating with all parties, I managed to secure a price the sellers were very happy with and that also enabled them to move forward to their new home.

We now have up to 28 days for finance to be approved and then 21 days for settlement. Providing all goes well, we with have both families moving forward to the next chapter of their lives in just a few short weeks.

If you’d like any more information on the sales process or how we chose the right campaign, feel free to give me a call on 0423 490 856.

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