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May rundown in Perth | My best month in real estate.

May rundown in Perth | My best month in real estate.

02 June 2020 Ryan Smith Finance

7 properties sold | 133,800 social media reach | 17,300 property portal reach | 16 offers

The month of May truly took me by surprise. Heading back to the office after two months of working from home, expecting a slow start… this has been my biggest month since I’ve been in real estate.

I have never experienced queues down the street (yes, home open numbers we capped to 10) but group numbers had doubled. Enquiries were coming through thick and fast on every listing and we were recieving multiple offers on each property. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Needless to say, is has been incredibly possitive to see that so many people still have so much faith in the Perth property market. This increase in demand with so little stock available has meant that we are the only state to see prices start to creep up.

For the month of May our properties reached 133,800+ potential buyers on social media and 17,300+ on real estate portals which resulted in 16 offers and 7 sales.

A gorgeous renovated family home at 40 Bawdan Street in Willagee saw 27 groups through the first home open and was under offer before the second. A block of land at 36 Lynton Street in Mount Hawthorn didn’t even make it to market with the second block is currently under negotiation.

We have a huge pool of buyers waiting and contact us on a daily basis to see if we have anything new coming to market. There is such limited stock out there and with the right agent working around the clock combined with a thought out marketing strategy, there is no doubt you will get the highest price the market is willing to pay.

These figures speak for themselves, there are buyers searching online, enquiring and coming through home opens week after week. If you are considering selling, I would encourage you to strike while the market is hot and while we have people queuing down the street to get through the door!

I’m more than happy to have a chat with you about what we do and why we’ve had such great success during the midst of a global pandemic. Send me a text or give me a call on 0423 490 856.

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