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Ryan Smith in the Floreat Community

Ryan Smith in the Floreat Community

05 June 2019 Ryan Smith Uncategorized

I’m Ryan Smith – Realmark Urban’s Residential Real Estate Agent for Floreat.

I’ve told you about myself, my background and what makes me different and you can read more about this here. But what about the other important side of what I do. What about the community I live and work in? What does community really mean?

Community can mean two things:

  1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  2. The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common (the sense of community).

I value both meanings. In fact, community is so important to me, that not only do I want to help buy and sell real estate within the Floreat community, I want to give back and help support local businesses within that community too.

How will I do it? Let me tell you how.

Sharing local business stories

As a Perth local, Realmark Urban’s Residential Real Estate Agent for Floreat, an entrepreneur and family man, I’m extremely passionate about helping the local community thrive.

How am I going to help? By sharing new stories every month around some of Floreat’s most boutique businesses. I want to use the power of social media to create as much awareness as possible, around these amazing businesses and their owners. Being a business owner has never been tougher, I can speak from experience, so anything I can do to help, I would love the privilege.

My aim is to find out more about local businesses, how, when and why they started and how they are helping and giving back to the local community and sharing these stories – stories that deserve to be shared. Stories of great people doing amazing things.

Which business will I be starting with? Watch this space for a unique business story coming soon…

Could one of these local business stories be yours?

It could be!

Simply call me or send an email with details of your Floreat, or surrounding community, business and what having your business story shared would mean to you.

Sponsorship of local businesses

I sponsor local businesses that matter and make a difference and, in the future, I plan on sponsoring more.

For now, both myself and Realmark have teamed up with the Wembley Golf Course to bring the Town of Cambridge some new and exciting events. For those who know I’m an avid golfer, this wouldn’t be at all surprising – what a proud partnership!

Want me to share your business story or find out more about the Floreat community?

Contact me today.

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