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You’re Invited!

September 29 2020 By Ryan Smith

We invite you to join us at Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date! The event aims to bring members of the community together in a shared love of their furry friends. Whether you have a dog or just live locally, this is a fun family friendly event to relax with your Sunday morning coffee while the dogs…

Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date

March 04 2020 By Ryan Smith

A huge success, thank you for everyone who joined us to raise money for SAFE metro which is an entirely volunteer run organisation. SAFE (saving animals from euthanasia) has rescued and rehomed over 26,000 animals since 2003. The morning was filled with wonderful members of the community to enjoy time together and watch their dogs…

Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date!

November 28 2019 By Ryan Smith

The aim of throwing this event was to bring the community together, and I believe that’s exactly what we did. Giving people the opportunity to come together for a few hours to greet one another and for their dogs to do so too. Considering we were a lead-off event, they all got on remarkably well.…