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You’re Invited!

September 29 2020 By Ryan Smith

We invite you to join us at Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date! The event aims to bring members of the community together in a shared love of their furry friends. Whether you have a dog or just live locally, this is a fun family friendly event to relax with your Sunday morning coffee while the dogs…

Q2 Report, Floreat.

July 25 2020 By Ryan Smith

Since quarter one, the market has changed quite drastically, we’re seeing the highest transaction levels in 7 years! Weekly sales in Perth hit over 1,000 this quarter for the first time since 2013. Month on month we’ve seen introduction of new policy, government aid and change in buyer behaviour. April was still a month of…

Q1 Analysis & Forecast, Floreat.

May 07 2020 By Ryan Smith

If we look at the Perth property market as a whole, it has remained relatively steady in recent years compared to Sydney and Melboune who have experienced huge spikes and subsequent falls. This is encouraging as there is smaller scope for a significant drop in housing prices and the trends show Perth is much more…

Under Offer – Floreat.

April 20 2020 By Ryan Smith

Our properties are still open for inspection and we are happy to accommodate alternative requests. Rest assured, we are also taking considered action to ensure the health and safety of our sellers, buyers and our team. 101 Grantham Street is a beautifully maintained 1950’s home in one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Perth, Floreat.…

Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date

March 04 2020 By Ryan Smith

A huge success, thank you for everyone who joined us to raise money for SAFE metro which is an entirely volunteer run organisation. SAFE (saving animals from euthanasia) has rescued and rehomed over 26,000 animals since 2003. The morning was filled with wonderful members of the community to enjoy time together and watch their dogs…

Q4 Update | Floreat

December 24 2019 By Ryan Smith

Property. At long last, we are able to finish the year on some great news for the Perth property Market. CoreLogic reported actual growth (not talk of “green shoots”) in Perth for the month of November. “In a significant turn of events for the Perth market, values edged 0.4% higher in November, for the first…

November’s Success Story

December 02 2019 By Ryan Smith

43 Pearson Street, Floreat A lovely three bedroom, two bathroom home in Floreat. The property was on the market with another agent for 122 days. With no positive result, the sellers were unhappy with how things were going. They had few home opens, very little interest and no offers. They saw how proactive I had…

Floreat’s Biggest Doggy Date!

November 28 2019 By Ryan Smith

The aim of throwing this event was to bring the community together, and I believe that’s exactly what we did. Giving people the opportunity to come together for a few hours to greet one another and for their dogs to do so too. Considering we were a lead-off event, they all got on remarkably well.…

Perth’s fastest selling suburbs

September 27 2019 By Ryan Smith

REIWA has revealed Perth’s 10 fastest-selling suburbs for the 12 months to July 2019. Although there had been a dip in the market, these suburbs are sustaining their value and continuing to be in very high demand amongst buyers. 10. Nedlands had averaged 47 days to sell a property. Had droped 4.3% in medium house…