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What you need to know in finance | Nick Constantine.

What you need to know in finance | Nick Constantine.

18 March 2020 Ryan Smith Finance

Hi everyone, obviously, it’s been a crazy time globally and firstly we just want to make sure that we are wishing everyone and their friends and family to be safe and healthy.

We’re just going to give a quick recap of what’s happening right now in the property and finance sector to keep you up to date. We have Nick from Capita Finance to give a quick rundown. Nick, obviously there’s a lot that has been going on. How have the banks and yourselves as brokers adapted?

Well we’ve just tried to maintain status at the moment. We’re still lodging loans; we’re still getting them through the system. So as far as that’s concerned, nothing has changed drastically. I guess one real positive though is that the banks have realised that not everyone can do a face-to-face interviews anymore. So previously we had to go out and meet someone but they’ve actually adapted policy short-term until we know what’s coming up. We can now do appointments over the phone or by conference call, so people don’t have to leave their home to be able to apply for a loan which I think is fantastic. For those who are concerned please just give me a call and we can work something out over the phone for you.

If you have concerns at all whether its real estate, finance or anything else we’re always more than happy to help. Once again – stay safe, stay healthy and I hope everyone gets through these tough times. Let this be a reminder that we are all in this together. Let’s look after those most vulnerable and most of all, remember to be kind.

If you’d like to get in touch with Nick –
m: 0418 919 203

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